gingerly save

What problem are you trying to solve?
In this era of cheap and abundant credit, it is easy to overspend on discretionary items like eating out, shopping, etc. While there are several tools out there, ranging from Quicken to Mint to track expenses, none of them provide a view in to your current expenses and budget at the “time” and “place” of purchase. Despite the plethora of solutions out there, we are still nowhere as close to reducing the average household credit card debt of $15,799 in the United States.

How do you aim to fix this?
SaveGingerly solves this problem by leveraging your smartphone’s ambient sensing capabilities. This ambient-location mobile application automatically detects and learns your spending habits at the very time of purchase, organizing it in one place for quick, easy reference. With SaveGingerly, you can set and track your budget goals, easily access any receipts and purchase details when you need it the most - all while keeping personal information private and secure.

Why did you pick this problem?
Our wives would constantly ask us where all our money was going.

Here's what one of the founders had to say: Using a combination of (and giving up on their categorization), hacking up a script to download my bank statements, parsing and categorizing them the way I wanted, I could track my monthly expenses. But still, there was something missing - i) ability to access this information when I am about to spend and ii) understanding the impact of my ‘current’ purchase on my budget. None of these existing Personal Finance Management solutions tell you how much you have spent on coffee just when you are walking into a café. If I were empowered with that knowledge, I could infer how those espresso shots add up every month and consequently change my spending habits. Not only that, if I were to share and track my grocery expenditures along with my wife’s, we could be on top of our household budget as well.